Some works we have done

Marine industry
Power plants
Bridge construction

Other We have air-, chain and electricalhoists.

Industry For our client it is essential, that we work safely, our timeschedules "keep" and we are cost-effective. We are proud that we have same clients from decades back. And we make new ones all the time ;)

Industry We have a 80 ton capacity industrial trailer

Marine industry Lowering, skidding and lifting an Azipod for tanker.

Other We know all the bigger operators in Finland and speak the same language as they do. We are familiar with crane-, trailer- and weldingcompanies way of working.
By using us You get the best service with no unwanted surprises.

Marine industry We lifted and moved pods parts to change sealings and slewing bearing in Singapore Sembawang Shipyard

Industry Moving and lifting ventilation units in Helsinki Kamppi cavern.

Other There is not a better lifting machine at your site than a hydraulic reacher. 4500 kg lifting capacity, 360 degrees turning, hydraulic forks, jib, baskets, winch, menbasket and 21 meters of boom. With an expert driver of course.

Marine industry Engine block was lifted up and crankshaft changed

Other This small Caterpillar electric forklift fits almost anywhere.

Other Lifting works are demanding and dangerous. We supervise and plan different lifts. Our personnel has LIFTING MANAGER certificates.

Other We do lifting works all over Finland. We always plan what we do and work safely.

Marine industry Replacing a propellor unit in Canada by using 800 ton mastsystem and rails

Other Bridge-specialists from pohjanmaa was our client, when we lifted a bridge inside new shopping center Redi in Helsinki. work was done in very complicated surrounding, but completed as planned and in time.

Marine industry Skidding and lifting pod-system for arctic vessel by using 400 ton mastsystem.

Power plants We changed a generator in olkiluoto nuclear powerplant.

Industry We are professionals in lifting and we do our work well. That is why sometimes our clients want a turn-key-service. here we are lifting a syncronous motor By our clients housecranes. Client can do what he/she does best.

Bridge construction We skidded and lifted in Helsinki Kalasatama steelbeams under an existing bridge to re-enforce the structure.

Marine industry Under ship with low headroom you cannot use cranes. The only alternative here was a slewing (turn-around) hydraulic reacher and expert as a driver.

Bridge construction 105 ton stranjacks were used to pull a bridge in Motala Sweden.

Industry Nickel ovens top section was lifted by airhoists which were connected to our masts. Working high means wearing safety harnesses.

Industry We skidded and turned a 250 ton press in the air by usin 400 ton mastsystem.

Industry we had to use our 800 to masts and cranes to lift and turn a 600 ton press

Marine industry Every work we do is different. We are able to modify our existing tools so, that they work 100% according to our clients needs.
We do not compromise with safety. we lift and move safely.
Here aft deck of a vessel we built a lifting system in Blohm & Voss Germany.

Industry We demounted, packed and sent Helsingin Sanomat old press to USA.

Marine industry we design and plan our work well beforehand and double-check every detail. This saves time and makes our working and lifting even safer. Here we are building our lifting system in cafeteria. Lifting was done through the floor and transported out along our rails. Our work started week before the dry-docking and for instance these big beams were lifted in via the vents at the back. this way we were ready when others just came into the vessel.

Industry We lifted a plastic machine by using 400 ton masts.

Marine industry Our system was supported inside onto our rails, so it could move in all (xyz) directions.

Marine industry replacing a generator in a ship

Marine industry Project manager can take it easy when we work

Marine industry We built a lifting system in a ship to replace a slewing bearing. Heaviest pieces weighed close to 20 tons. This work was doone in Grand Bahama Shipyard.

Marine industry We lifted almost 20 ton heavy gear rim in Navantia Shipyard, Spain

Marine industry We changed broken gearbox in ship.

Marine industry When doing seatransports, we always do lashing and securing plans. For these plans we include welding planning. We have an engineer with International Welding Specialist knowledge and certificate, who make and check the plans. we only use certified welders and workers.

Industry Our hydraulic reachers and forklifts are good machines to load or unload a container

Other A crack was found in long laminated beam. We arranged a new beam into the building, lifted it up and jacked it to the place.

Marine industry Exchanging slewing bearing in Seaspan Shipyards, Canada

Marine industry We modify our gear constantly according to needs. Here we are skidding 150 ton heavy azipod on real low rails (15 mm) in Arctech Helsinki Shipyard.

Marine industry Transport and shipping of Azipod

Industry We change electrical motors and generators by using jacks, rollers and when needed rails.

Marine industry Loading and shipping 2 Azipods and 4 generators

Industry We moved a weighing element and jacked it in its position.

Marine industry Loading and shipping of sparepod

Other With our knucklehead-crane we can easily handle our tools and some lifted parts. Naturally we have also winch and jib.

Marine industry Loading and shipping by pontoon of Azipod

Industry With our 400 ton hydraulic masts we can lift rather heavy loads in industry. Masts are light and made of modular sections.

Marine industry Shipping of generators and azipods

Industry We built a supporting structure and lifted and skidded a transformer onto foundation.

Marine industry Exchange of slewing bearing in Blohm & Voss in Germany

Industry By using heavy rails and 400 ton masts we installed an aluminum press

Marine industry Azipod maintanance in Naantali

Marine industry Exchange of slewing bearing in San Francisco

Marine industry Changing an Aquamaster-propulsion system for ice-breaker in Turku Repair Yards

Marine industry Lifting of Azipods in Helsinki.

Power plants Lifting of generator in Pietarsaari

Industry Lifting of printing Machines in Turku

Industry Lifting of press in Volvo Sweden

Industry We lifted and installed barking drum in Rauma

Other 7000 kg electric forklift, height only 2310 mm. We have rollers, jacks, chainhoists for almost all Your needs. We also know how to use these.

Marine industry We exchanged a cracked crankshaft for Wärtsilä diesel in Caribbean.

Power plants We mounted and installed all equipment for coal silo system in Salmisaari Helsinki

Marine industry We moved 400 ton railwaybridge

Other Moving large and heavy diesel engines are normal work for us

Industry We changed yankee-cylinders in Tampere, Mänttä, Nokia, Kyröskoski, Valkeakoski and in Warsaw.

Industry We uninstalled, lifted and skidded a an electrical motor

Marine industry Exchange of engines in Naantali

Industry Compressor was lifted and moved by masts

Bridge construction Moving a bridge by towers and pontoon

Industry We lifted and moved 500 sqm industrial halls in one piece

Power plants Lifting a steamdrum in Sumatra

Power plants Engine block was jacked up and cracked crankshaft changed in Italy.

Industry Supervising work in Azores

Power plants Electrical motor was lifted and moved. Special lifting devices were designed and manufactured.

Power plants We installed Wärtsilä engines in Greece islands Thira, Paros, Lemnos and Lesvos.

Power plants Supervision in Nairobi, Kenya

Other We design and supervise loadings of ships.

Power plants Turning and installation of Wärtsilä engine

Other Loading ship by using cranes. We have certified lifting managers

Marine industry Change of marine diesels in Naantali

Marine industry Pulling out axles from icebreaker in Rauma Marine Construction Shipyard

Power plants Jacking of turbogenerator in Kemijärvi

Industry Dismounting of syncronous motor

Power plants W move and hydraulically do jacking of smaller and bigger transformers.

Marine industry We changed main engines and gear in Turku Repair Yards.

Bridge construction We lifted and moved a bridge in Kokemäenjoki river.