Oy Helminen Engineering Ltd

Helminen is known in western Finland since familys first business started already in 1916.

Technical knowledge and innovation was already know in early decades in 19th century. Grandfather Uuno Helminen carried out major projects like Pori watertower (55 meters high), Nakkila church, Hallitalo Pori, Pori airport etc.

Raskaskuljetus M.Helminen was established in 1962 and changed its name to Helminen Engineering Ltd. Company had cranes and heavy platform trailers but changed business idea more to heavy- and abnormal lifting.

Helminen Engineering Ltd is today only Company in Finland that is specialized in lifting, jacking and heavy haulages.

Our fundaments are up-to-date equipment, as well as our expertise and reliability.

We aim to reduce environmental load.

Most of our work is done on sites where every operator understands and is responsible for the protection of the environment. The use of appropriate equipment, as well as continuous monitoring helps us avoid environmental damage.


We plan everything in advance.

Every worker from operator up understands that main idea of our work is safety.

Our quality management system is an indication of a reliable, environmentally friendly and professional activity.